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Custom Phone And Phone Accessories Packaging Box Heaven And Earth Gift Box


Material 1200g gray board with 157g coated paper
Size 18*10*5cm
Surface treatment Matte lamination
box type Lid and base box/ heaven and earth box
color colorful
Brand Senyu
Uses Phone box, phone accessories box, electronics box, gift box, jewelry box
Advantage High quality, luxury design, Eco-friendly material, solid structure
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,material, we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product Description:

Printed in splash ink color, it shows the boldness of the design and the infinite creativity of the product.

The box shape of the heaven and earth cover is perfectly combined with the nail opening on the side. The inner paper inner support protects the product and is also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Introduction of Lid and Base Boxes

As the packaging of electronic products, lid and base box is a kind of type favored by many big brands. In addition to high quality and comfortable touch, the biggest feature is that other accessories can be packaged together with the product, and the space can be separated with inner support of paper or other materials.


1.1200g high quality gray board material shows both the quality of your product and outside packaging, make your brand standout.

2.Inside paper tray can divide box space into many parts and contain different accessories, whole box material is eco-friendly.

3.Nail opening cut on the sides makes it more convenient to open the box, small details that make your customers feel human and impress your brand.


Personalisation is such a huge thing in today's society. It is a very effective way of marketing and with the technology that is now available, people almost expect to receive something personal to them. 

Personalised packaging serves as social bait, encouraging consumers to boast about the product online and in person. However, it would be impossible for brands to package all products by hand and hand-write a personal message, so this needs to be done in other ways.

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