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Silver Printing Custom Gift Packaging Box Heaven And Earth Box With Inner Tray


Material 1200g gray board with 157g coated paper
Size 22*20*6cm
Surface treatment Matte lamination
box type Lid and base box/ heaven and earth box
color White and silver
Brand Senyu
Uses Gift box, cosmetic box, jewelry box, clothes box, shoes box, festival decoration box
Advantage High quality, luxury design, recycled material, solid structure, silver/gold foil, plastic inner tray
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,material,inner tray,we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product Description:

The logo is printed with hot silver, and the luster makes the brand more outstanding. The silver text on the white box is also more dazzling, like a sparkling diamond in the dark night. The inner blister tray is completely customized according to the product shape and size, 100% protect your product.

Introduction of Lid and Base Boxes

The heaven and earth cover box type has always been the favorite packaging box type of skin care products and cosmetics brands. The strong material is matched with the inner support tailored to the product. On the one hand, it can prevent the product from being damaged during transportation, and on the other hand, it can also reflect the brand values and philosophy.


1.1200g gray board material is just like the main body of the house, it protects the products inside. Blister inserts divide the house into different rooms, keeping the space in order and allowing all products to coexist harmoniously. 2.Coated paper on the surface is just like a white exterior wall, you can paint it as you like according to your needs. Whether it's your logo or your brand concept, customers can see and impress at a glance. 3.The inside blister inner tray is completely moulded according to the shape and size of the product, which perfectly fits the product. If you need inner support of other materials, we can also customize it for you, such as paper, foam or EVA.


Packaging is another way of building and marketing your brand. Therefore, you must ensure that your brand values are immersed through everything you do, right down to the packaging. What's more, influencers have quite literally made a career out of unboxing their gifts across social media - a completely different marketing strategy. If the packaging excites viewers, they will continue watching and maybe even become a customer themselves.

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